Are there any free Forex systems that actually work?

Yes, such a Forex system is available for everyone who wants to trade on Forex, But most traders don’t want to use it and search for something new.

Strategy based on Forex basics – candlestick charts, classic patterns, figures, and levels.

If you learn Forex basics well, and practice in the trading day by day, after 1–2 months, of everyday trading you will see that it works perfectly, and can make a profit on Forex.

The market is moving up and down all the time, it draws levels and classical patterns.

All currency pairs do the same things.

All-time frames have the same levels and patterns.

The simplest things, available on the Internet everywhere, for free, just take and create a strategy based on it, analyze the market movement using these simple things.

BUT, what do most of the traders:

on 1st step they learn Forex basics – good, but then… they think that it’s just nothing, and go deeper, Indicators, Advisers, trading 100+ currency pairs, jump from one to another, add 5–10 indicators, learn it month by month, download strategies based on mathematical formulas or Indicators, test it, and so on..

and go so so far away from Forex basics, and even forget about it..

So don’t go deep, Open H1 and M5 charts, use Forex basics, and use it for day trading.

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